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September 28, 2016
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September 28, 2016
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The Developers

Qingjian Group Co. Ltd is an old company that was established in 1952 and mainly engages in both local and international construction projects and investments, real estate development, capital management, design consulting and logistics.

It is a Chinese based company and was one of the first 15 enterprises in China to pass the housing contract with high top grade qualification. It has won many highly coveted awards and positions in the world of construction and development. Consecutively, it has emerged to be the “top 500 Chinese Enterprises” for about 13 years with its ranking falling in 269th position in 2015.

For 11 years, it has been among the “top 80 Chinese Contractors” and was ranked at 19th place in 2014. For ten years, Qingjian was among the “ENR the biggest worldwide 250 international contractors” ranking 81st place in 2014.

The above is a short history to show Qingjian’s efforts that have been noticed by many organizations. They are approved and passed as some of the best in both construction and development in China and beyond. Qingjian can boast of its record all over the world where they have had a chance to develop either commercial or residential property.

Qingjian has been involved in development in Singapore since 1999 and has a portfolio that extends from investments to real estate developments.

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